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Mr Rogers Appliance - Washer Repair St Petersburg - Clearwater

Washer Repair

Common Problems Washing Machines

Washer common faults


Is imposible to find a home in the United States that doesn't have a washer. Is very common that at certaing period they will start having problems. The big question is how long they will work before they break down and how much it will cost the washer repair. When that happens,the best option is to call Mr Rogers Washer Repair St Petersburg - Clearwater. We are ready to offer you the best quality washer repair service. Mr Rogers has washer certified technicians that can help you repair your washing machine at a low economic price and with a full warranty on all our appliances repair. You can also get a washer maintenance problem from us. If you don't have one you will have washer problems in the future.

We have a list for you where you can find some common washer problems you washing machine may present sometime. And remember if you need Washer Repair Services at St Pete and Clearwater just call Mr Rogers and we will send a certified technician. 

Washer Problem #1 - Washer not turning on, there is no power

There are many possible causes for this. But as in any problem solving procedure start with the basics. First of all check the outlet, be sure there is electricity, and make sure the fuse is working fine.Start by checking the following:

$1·         Wiring Harness

$1·         Door latch

$1·         Mains cable & terminal block

$1·         Main power supply

$1·         Control Board

If your washer is not starting call Mr Rogers to get a washer repair technician to assist you in your washing machine repair in St Pete - Clearwater

Washer Problem #2 - Washer is not draining or is too noisy when draning

Most of the time this is because the drain pump failed or there is a blockage. Try checking:

$1·         Drain pump clogged

$1·         Drain pump defective

$1·         Drain hose kinked of clogged

$1·         Sump hose clogged

$1·         Object in drain pump

$1·         Bad installation

If you definitely need a washer professional to check your washing machine which is not draining or is way too noisy call Mr Rogers Appliance Repair Service St Pete - Clearwater.

Washer Problem #3 - Washer making noise

First check the previous section, most of the times is because there is a drain pump faulty, this definitely causes a terrible noise from the washer. 

Sometimes there are things or objects stucked in between the tub and drum, and this can make your washer noisy. Be carefull the types of things you put in your washer.

You can use a wash bag to reduce the risk of objects getting stuck in your washer.

But what about if your washer is way too old? The bearings could be faulty or just collapsed. Try replacing the bearings the soonest you can. That way you will save some money by reducing the damage on your washer.

Stability can also cause excessive noise, especially where the machine is on a wooden or floating floor. Obviously a fault with the suspension system can also produce the same result. To solve this problem check the following:

$1·         Noisy drain pump

$1·         Object inside the drain pump

$1·         Object stucked inside the drum

$1·         Bearings worn out

$1·         Washing machine not levelled correctly

$1·         Faulty dampers or broken suspension kit

$1·         Poor flooring or bad installation

If you couldn’t fix the your noisy washer you can call Mr Rogers and a certified technician will be there to help you repair your appliance. 

Washer Problem #4 - Washer not turning

Usually people assume the the washer belt went off and yes it can be a cause but on modern washers is not so common.

Nowadays with the new advance and modern washers the main cause likle relays to a speed control PCB or module or also known as tacho generator.

Trying checking this:

$1·         Belt

$1·         Speed computer board 

$1·         Motor capacitor 

$1·         Main control module

$1·         Motor shorted

$1·         Faulty carbon brushes

If you have this problem on your washer call Mr Rogers and schedule and appointment to repair your washer in St Petersburg - Clearwater

Washer Problem #5 - Washer timer not moving

This is a confusing one, and most of the time people thinks the main problem is the timer or controller is not working, and it often got nothing to do with the timer. So if you think the problem of your waser is the timer, you are wrong.

Normally the timer will advance to a certain stage before it stops, and that can give you an inmediate diagnosis of what the problems is, what happens is that the washing machine will halt where the faulty component is.

The best you can do is contact Mr Rogers Appliances St Petersburg - Clearwater and ask for a factory trained washer technician to help you fix your faulty washing machine.

Washer Problem #6 - Washer is not heating

This one is very easy, most of the time it will be a faulty heater, thermostat, thermistor or pressure switch but that doesn't limit it just to this, it can also have other causes. Check if the following are working fine:

$1·         Heater

$1·         Thermostat

$1·         Thermistor

$1·         Pressure switch/level sensor

$1·         Timer or control PCB/module

If you couldn’t identify the problem by yourself you can call a certified washer technician to help you on that, or just ask Mr Rogers to send you a specialist to your home to get your washer working again. 

Washer Problem #7 - Washer is vibrating to much

If that is a brand new washer then the cause is the you haven't removed the transit packing properly. Check out your washer's manual to see how to do it.

If the washer has some while in usage then could be a flooring problem or just a bad installation. It can also be a suspension problem. Of course there could be other causes to the problem. Check the following:

$1·         Suspension

$1·         Bearing failure (See previous "Washing machine noisy")

If you couldn’t fix your washer you can contact Mr Rogers and schedule an appointment with a certified washer technician to assist you. 

Washer Problem #8 - Washer is not spinning

People often blame the belt but is very rare a faulty belt causing the washer not to spin. Check on previous sections.

$1·         Speed control PCB/module

$1·         Faulty or worn carbon brushes

$1·         Faulty contacts on fast cam within the timer

$1·         Faulty capacitor (where fitted)

$1·         Faulty motor

$1·         Faulty motor tacho

$1·         Blocked pump or drain

$1·         Overloaded or out of balance, can be made worse by poor installation or flooring

$1·         Faulty bearings

$1·         Faulty door lock mechanism

$1·         Faulty pressure switch

Sometimes is better to have a specialist check your washing machine. Call us anytime and we will have a technician at your house.

Washer Problem #9 - Washer not filling

Before blaming anything else check if the water supply is ok.

If everything is ok then the first posible cause is the water valve. If that is not the problem then the pressure switch and electronic components can also cause this problem. 

$1·         Water supply

$1·         Water inlet valve

$1·         Pressure switch

$1·         Control board / Electronic PCB

Get a technician to your home and fix your washing machine. St Pete - Clearwater. 

Washer Problem #10 - Washer is not washing correctly

There are many manuals all over the internet that can help you how to use correctly your washer. You can find manuals that can help you learn the following:

how to use detergent correctly. 

How to give a good maintenance to your washer, and many more.


Sometimes manuals are not helpful enough to fix your washer, so ask Mr Rogers to send a certified technician to show you how to use your washer the best way it can be used.

Washer Problem # 11 Washer has a bad smelling

If you have a smelly washer, bad smells comes from washer, the reason could be associated to mould or dirty soap drawers.

If this is affecting your lie, call Mr Rogers toremove the bad odor from washer. 

Washer Problem #12 - Washer shows error code and don't start

Is very common that this fault is associcated to electronically controlled machine, and if you see error codes or flashing light pay close attention to this, therefore the washer shows you what's going on.

When your faulty washer gives a fault code grab the phone and call Mr Rogers and an appliance repair technician will be at your door. 

Washer Problem #13 - Washing machine leaks from the front

Check that the soap dispenser isn't blocked first of all as that is the prime suspect here. Bear in mind that it is clean water and you may not see the water run down the front to the door surround, where it gathers and drips from the bottom of the door so the fault can often be reported as, "door leaking".

Of course the door can leak and, generally, it will need a new door or the door glass may simply need cleaned. Scum can build up on the glass causing the small part that actually seals to not meet the door glass correctly and so it leaks. Check the following:

$1·         Soap dispenser

$1·         Soap dispenser to tub hose

$1·         Door gasket

$1·         Door glass

If you couldn’t identify the cause of your washer leaking you can call Mr Rogers and ask for some help. 

Washer Problem #14 - Washing machine leaking from underneath

Okay this is another one of those "could be anything" ones. Water follows Newton's Law, i.e. it flows downwards with gravity so any component at all leaking can cause this, but the common ones to be looking for are listed here.

$1·         Drain pump leaking

$1·         Filter leaking

$1·         Bellow boot leaking

$1·         Hose torned or worn out

$1·         Hose leaking

$1·         Water pressure too high

$1·         Heater seal perished

$1·         Door gasket

$1·         Pressure switch or sensor defective (overfilling)

$1·         Physical drum damage

$1·         Soap dispenser defecive

If you want to stop your washer leak call Mr Rogers now. 



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