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Mr Rogers Appliance - Refrigerator Repair St Petersburg - Clearwater

Refrigerator Repair

Common problems of a Refrigerator, Freezer Or Fridge


For sure, every house in Florida will have at least one type of refrigerator, could be a small topmount refrigerator with an icemaker, or an American style side by side refrigerator, or an elegant Frenchdoor  Fridge, no matter what type you have they will fail in certain period. When they fail you will need to call a certified refrigerator technician. Mr Rogers Appliance Refrigerator Repair Service is one of our more specialized areas.

The refrigeration gas system,which includes the compressor and the valves are specialist areas and this type of problems need to be solved by a professional. For refrigerator repair service in St Petersburg or Clearwater call Mr Rogers Appliances

There are 2 kinds of refrigeration system used on residential fridges, freezers; falling air and forced air and it is important that you know what you have at home.

Falling Air Fridges

A falling air refrigerator works by relying cold air falling off of an evaporator which normally would be a metal plate. Usually the refrigerator side is an empty box and cold air is coming into it from the Freezer side.

This is not the most efficient or eco friendly system but is very reliable since it reduces the amount of moving element in the refrigerator. Is a very old system but fails less than newer systems. A common problem on these refrigerators is the difference between the freezer and refrigerator side.  It also happens that when you open any of the doors he cold air goes out and the refrigerator has to work hard again to recover the correct temperature.

Is very important to do a defrost cycle on these units. Most of them have an automatic defrost timer, but if not a manual defrosted is needed.

These refrigerator are normally administrated by a control thermostat even though electronics are increasingly being employed to improve the efficiency somewhat.

Forced Air Refrigerators And Freezers

The forced air system is where the cold air is "forced" over an evaporator into the refrigerator side, by an evaporator fan. The product is like that of blast freezer where the cold is directed into the unit, and as a result, the appliance become frost free. Even though over time ice fros builds up on the evaporator and needs to be defrosted to keep the air flow.

This is where the problems mainly lie with frost free units, the defrost.

Every certaing period of time the fridge needs to go ino a defrost cycle. which is determine by sensors, electronic conrols, bimetal thermostats of defrost timers. It usually runs defrost cycles of 4, 8, or 12 hours. 

Common Fridge & Fridge Freezer Problems

Fridge or freezer over-freezing

This can be caused by air ingress to the fridge or freezer but it is a common symptom of a failure in the control system, be that electronic or good old electro-mechanical.

On a simple thermostat controlled machine you can check this easily with a multi-meter as electro-mechanical thermostats are simple, pretty dumb actually, on/off devices. They simply switch off the power to the compressor when the machine achieves the desired temperature. For the most part these are easily changed but there are a huge number of peculiar thermostats although many of the standard ones will cover a vast amount of machines but if you are not sure then call Mr Rogers and ask help from a technician, as it is very easy to get the incorrect one, especially for fridge freezers. You will require the make, model and serial number as they do get changed during production quite often and from version to version.

It is absolutely vital when replacing a thermostat that you do not kink, cut or break the "phial" which is the long pliable wire that goes to the back wall or plate as it is filled with gas. The expansion and contraction of that gas is what makes the thermostat actually work. Check the following

$1·         Door seal/s faulty or not sealing allowing air ingress

$1·         Thermostat faulty

$1·         Evaporator door (icemaker fridges) not sealing correctly

$1·         Insulation failure

$1·         Blockage in gas system (can cause an ice-ball)

If you need professional assistance you can Call Mr Rogers Appliance Repair and a technician will help you fix your appliance. 

Fridge not cooling

There are a couple of possible causes for this, could be the thermostat defective, a defrost problem, a restriction in the freon line, a bad compressor, a freon leak, or a bad compressor relay. If the refrigerator compressor is not running then the problem could be the compressor itself or the relay capacitor.

$1·         Compressor shorted

$1·         Compressor PTC

$1·         Compressor relay / capacitor

$1·         Thermostat

$1·         Electronic failure

$1·         Thermistor failure

If the freezer section is cooling fine but the refrigerator side is not then most like you have a defrost problems or if its a side by side unit problems with the damper assembly or thermistors. If compressor is running and you listen like gas pumping in, most likely you have a freon leak, and most of the times it would be more cost-effective to replace the unit.

It would be a more complex diagnose and just an expert appliance technician could service, but the causes are as follows in the main:

$1·         Shortage of gas on appliances under a year old

$1·         Blockage or choke in pipework

$1·         Changeover valve faulty

$1·         Compressor pumping weak (highly likely on older machines 8 years or more old) 

Freezer not cooling

See above as it's pretty much the same as for a fridge.

Mr Rogers technicians can also help you repair your freezer in St Petersburg, Clearwater and nearby cities. 

Bad smell from the fridge

No one knows the main reason why a refrigerator can have bad smelling, is most likely related to the food stored. To be sure what’s going on with your fridge call Mr Rogers Appliance Repair to have a technician assist you in St Pete, Clearwater and nearby. 

 Refrigerator leaking water

What happens is that the water runs forward and produces a "leak from the fridge" and this is the most common reason for it by far.

Of course there are other possible reasons as well including:

$1·         Humidity coming into the refrigerator

$1·         Defrost tray on compressor overfilled or damaged

$1·         Spillage inside the unit


If you get a leak from a chest freezer it will almost certainly be an insulation failure which is most likely in not repairable conditions. 

I made a hole while removing the ice and now the fridge freezer is not cooling, what happened?

Bad news. Your refrigerator is dead. 


If this is your problem, sorry but there is not much that anyone can do to help you I'm afraid.

There is condensation around the door, what's going on?

It is very common in top mount refrigerators. This is known as the anti-condensate line, a hot gas pipe that runs behind the door opening.  Sadly in a cold environment the result is that you will get condensation forming as a result.

It is perfectly normal but may signify that the room temperature is too low, below the accepted operating temperatures as given in your use manual.

Fridge freezer is noisy

Many things can be the source of this refrigerator problem. In common fridge the only things that move is the compressor, so could be an excessive gas noise. In defrost automated fridges things are more complex. On this type there are more elements involve like the fan and fan motor, which both are noisy sometimes. Ice can build up and cause blockages.

Some american style refrigerators have cooling fans to cool down the compressor. This could be the reason for the noise. 

Usually when ice buildup, the fan will strike the ice formation making a screeching noise, the reason is usually a thermostat failure of some kind leading to the buildup of ice. A defrost element failure can also result with the same problem.

Some refrigerators have a fan to help with the air flow to the fridge and freezer. If this blocks or the motor fail then a weird noise will be present.

$1·         Fan motor failure

$1·         Ice build up, fan clipping the ice

$1·         Thermostat failure leading to ice build up

$1·         Air channels blocked or obstructed

$1·         Compressor failure – noisy

If you have this fridge problem call an appliance certified technician to get professional appliance repair service at st petersburg - clearwater 

There is to many ice in my freezer, what is happening?}

Check the previous section.

$1·         Fan motor failure

$1·         Ice build up, fan clipping the ice

$1·         Thermostat failure leading to ice build up

$1·         Air channels blocked or obstructed 

I    If you couldn't find the failure and need to repair your refrigerator contact a refrigerator technician in St Petersburg or Clearwater.

Refrigerator side not cooling but freezer yes

It usually happens on top mount refrigerators but can also happen on side by side refrigerators and french door fridges. Usually cold air flows from the freezer parts and sometimes they just stop the air flow.

$1·         Fan motor failure

$1·         Ice build up, fan clipping the ice

$1·         Thermostat failure

$1·         Electronics failure

$1·         Compressor weak

Need refrigerator repair service? Call Mr. Rogers St Pete - Clearwater Appliance Repair Service 

Freezer not cooling at all

For our technicians this is a very easy repair, but not that simple if you want to Do It Yourself.

First of all, check the electricity. If the Plug and fuse are okay. Assuming that they are then the following are the most likely causes;

$1·         Compressor failure

$1·         Electronic failure

$1·         Compressor PTC

$1·         Compressor relay

$1·         Terminal block

If you need a certified technician in St Pete - Clearwater area to help you with the refrigerator repair call Mr Rogers Now. 

 Icemaker from fridge not working

Not so nice to deal with, most of the time we receive answers like "replace everything!"

Of course for Mr Rogers this is no the best solution.

If you find no water on the ice tray that means that the water valve is no working, or that the inlet is blocked. This usually happens when filters get clogged up.

Most of the time the icemaker are easy to repair, but now with Samsung and Whirlpool preferences we have seen an increase in the use of electronics in them. For example Whirlpool fridges use an infra red beam to cut off the ice making, if this fail you will have an expensive part to buy.

And yes it happnes, the icemaker can have problems, but its not so common.

Anyway, If your Icemaker stopped working for any reason and you want to repair it you can call Mr Rogers Refrigerator Repair at St Petersburg and Clearwater.

Need to replace water filter for my fridge?

A new water filter for your fridge gives no problem to get. Visit our website or call Mr Rogers Appliances St Pete - Clearwater 

Bottle holder shelf broken in fridge

Contact our Appliance Parts Department at St Petersburg - Clearwater and will get you the part your refrigerator is missing 

Glass shelf in fridge broken

Call Mr Rogers Appliance Parts St Pete - Clearwater and we will get you the shelf your fridge needs. 

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